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Choosing A Dentist: “Go To The Dentist? My Parents Lost All Of Their Teeth”

Dental Decay

The days of inevitably loosing ones teeth by adulthood are over. It is true that genetics plays a role and that one can be genetically predisposed to cavities and or gum disease. This just means one has to pay more attention to ones dental health and take an active role. Let it be said that the alternatives to keeping ones teeth like dentures are inferior to ones natural dentition. It is said that the best dentures are only 15 percent as efficient as the natural teeth. Dentures are a true prosthesis- like a false leg is a prosthesis. Implants as…

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Apr 25, 2016 by

Choosing A Dentist “I Cannot Afford It”

Modern Dentistry

Modern dentistry is admittedly expensive. Neglect of your dental health is more expensive. For people with financial concerns, consider: Payment plans are available for people with decent credit history. You do not have to pay everything at once. As long as one pays the monthly in time there is no interest payment otherwise there are interest payments. Choosing less expensive alternatives. With most dental problems there are alternatives which can restore health. Choose a less expensive path at first, preserve health and function, and “upgrade” later if necessary or desired. Do less dental treatment at a time. Do what you…

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Apr 18, 2016 by

Choosing A Dentist: ” I am Afraid Of Going To The Dentist.”

Dentist Fear

It is a common sentiment: “I am afraid of going to the dentist”, or “I hate the shot” or “I can’t stand the noise of the drill.” Fortunately there are many alternatives to alleviate apprehension of a dental visit. The first approach is to better understand what treatment is necessary and with this fuller understanding of the treatment, ones fear of the unknown should be less. For example once you understand that a root canal is not painful and that it is essentially a special type of filling, one can more comfortably associate this new experience with one that has…

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Apr 11, 2016 by

Choosing A Dentist “I Did Not Get Around To Coming”

Gum Disease

Keep in mind: either you choose the time to go to the dentist or the time will choose you. It is a really rare person who develops no dental disease. For the average person, the day will come when something hurts, bleeds, swells or smells bad. There used to be a well known oil filter commercial. In it, a car mechanic is holding an inexpensive oil filter in his hand and says “Either you pay me now (to change the oil and maintain the life of your car engine) or pay me later. (And pay to replace the entire car…

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Apr 4, 2016 by