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First Aid For Braces

In my practice of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics here in Houston, whether we are doing comprehensive orthodontics or six month braces it is somewhat common for patients to develop sore spots on newly placed orthodontic brackets.

First Aid For Braces

I would like to discuss some of these problems and how they can be treated.

First of all the brackets are small squarish projections which can be felt on the inside of the lips and cheeks. In time the lips and cheeks will develop shallow callouses. Some of the brackets have small wire projections (which allow us to use for springs and rubber bands). The discomfort will disappear in time but in the meantime one can cover the bracket with a small ball of orthodontic wax pressed over the bracket.

Another occasional source of discomfort is from the arch wire. The arch wire is measured and trimmed to be not excessive in length. But as spaces between the teeth are reduced the arch wire can appear to be too long and project painfully into the gums or cheek. For this we suggest using the orthodontic wax to cover the end of the wire and to call our office so we can shorten or trim the wire.

Brackets and bands can become loose- usually from not following our guidelines in avoiding eating particularly hard food and breaking the bracket. Usually this is more an annoyance than a painful experience but we suggest calling our office and we can replace the bracket.

Having a broken bracket or brace? Or experiencing severe discomfort with the newly placed braces, contact Dr David Silberman.

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