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What Is Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment Houston

Comprehensive Orthodontic TreatmentComprehensive Orthodontic Treatment is the most common form of orthodontic treatment patients receive to correct problems. In most cases, braces are added to the upper and lower teeth to correct orthodontic problems involving alignment of teeth, proper jaw function and how the upper and lower jaw fit together. The objective of comprehensive treatment is to correct each problem and achieve the best bite and esthetics possible for each patient. Treatment consists of the placement of the bands and wires, adjustments and follow-ups, removal of the braces, construction of the retainer and any follow-up treatment needed to maintain the desired anatomical and esthetic results.

The length of Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment typically depends on the severity of the problem to be corrected. Full treatment in correcting a protruding bite can take between 18-24 months. If the back teeth are aligned properly and the front teeth have minor crowding, treatment may only take between 9-18 months.


Dental braces start with a complete dental examination. Teeth that have tooth decay should be difficult, not easier, and areas of preexisting decay can proceed more rapidly. The diagnostic process includes a special x-ray of the head called a cephalometric x-ray. This is conveniently done at our office. This x-ray is then processed by a special computer program which gives us crucial information about the direction of bone growth, the relation of the upper jaw to the lower, the relationship of the upper teeth to the lower teeth and of course inform us if there are missing, extra, or wisdom teeth. This is very important information to assist in making a diagnosis and plan to improve the bite and create an esthetic smile.


The cephalometric x-ray study along with plaster models of the teeth allow us to evaluate your needs to discuss with you during your consultation. During this consultation we will go over what treatments can be accomplished and most importantly discuss with you the risks of orthodontics. In our consultation we want to address your concerns and to answer any questions about treatment, time involved, and costs in an unpressured setting.



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