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Dental Cavity Treatment Houston

Cavity TreatmentModern dentistry has advanced in recent years to allow the patient multiple treatment options in solving the common problem of tooth decay.

First of all there is prevention. Fluoride has been scientifically shown to prevent tooth decay. The fluoride in drinking water becomes incorporated into growing teeth – that is, up until age 13 or so. When the fluoride has been sufficient these teeth will commonly never have a cavity. After age 13 (and before that as well) fluoride is only beneficial topically. This is the fluoride found in modern toothpastes and this fluoride makes the enamel of the tooth harder and resistant to decay. Some prescription tooth pastes have extra fluoride for those people who are prone to cavities.

Often there are different solutions to a particular problem. For example, for an area of tooth decay one might consider a silver amalgam filling, a white composite filling, a porcelain filling or even a gold filling- all for the same problem.

Let us briefly consider some of the characteristics of these restorations. Silver filling have been in use for many years. They are relatively not expensive and long lasting. However they are dark in color, tend to get darker with age and make the tooth somewhat weaker. Some people are concerned about the mercury that is bound up within silver fillings but no studies have found health problems with these fillings. White composite fillings are without a doubt the most popular choices for treating decay today. These restorations and tooth colored making them esthetic; they are small and conservative in nature and strengthen the tooth slightly. Porcelain fillings are also tooth colored. Because they are true porcelain they do not discolor with time, they can strengthen the tooth however they are more expensive than the above composite white restorations. Gold filling are probably the longest lasting type of filling we use. The material –the gold alloy hardly degrades in time. These restorations are very strong and their only drawback is that some people object to their color. There are two colors to choose from white gold or yellow gold.

Your choice will depend on esthetic, cost, longevity, or convenience issues. Dr. Silberman will discuss these choices with you prior to treatment and give you an opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.



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