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Choosing A Dentist “I Did Not Get Around To Coming”

Keep in mind: either you choose the time to go to the dentist or the time will choose you. It is a really rare person who develops no dental disease. For the average person, the day will come when something hurts, bleeds, swells or smells bad.

Gum Disease

There used to be a well known oil filter commercial. In it, a car mechanic is holding an inexpensive oil filter in his hand and says “Either you pay me now (to change the oil and maintain the life of your car engine) or pay me later. (And pay to replace the entire car engine or car). Of course the later is very expensive. The oil change is not.

It is the same in dentistry. Come periodically to have your teeth checked with the necessary x-rays and cleaned professionally, have any problems addressed while they are still relatively less expensive. Please know that every small tooth decay (cavity) grows up to be a root canal (not as bad as it sounds but along with a porcelain crown cost significantly more).

Gum disease, proceeds without pain. Gum disease damages the bone that hold the teeth in place. Loose too much bone and you lose the teeth. Replacements are not so easy.

Make the appointment and save yourself time, money, discomfort and worry.

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