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Gum Disease Treatment Houston


Gum Disease TreatmentOf the corrective procedures in dentistry today treatment for gum disease is among the most difficult. Not that is painful, but it requires the most cooperation and dedication from the patient to be successful. Gum disease is something we can treat but not necessarily cure. In the past gum disease was largely treated by extractions and surgery but today the growing emphasis is on non-surgical treatment.

In short, gum disease is an enlargement of the space that exists and is supposed to exist between the tooth and the gums. The deepening of this space dissolves the bone that holds the tooth in place. When enough bone has disappeared and happens without pain or warning the tooth is lost. The treatment then is largely directed to removing the harmful bacteria from within this crevice or pocket, as it is called. This is accomplished by a series of scaling or cleaning procedures followed by re-evaluation and perhaps additional cleaning sessions. It requires good home care and diet control for success and it is not easy for every patient to make these behavior changes. We are there to help you however- consider us your personal trainers.



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