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Choosing A Dentist “I Cannot Afford It”

Modern dentistry is admittedly expensive. Neglect of your dental health is more expensive. For people with financial concerns, consider:

Modern Dentistry

  1. Payment plans are available for people with decent credit history. You do not have to pay everything at once. As long as one pays the monthly in time there is no interest payment otherwise there are interest payments.
  2. Choosing less expensive alternatives. With most dental problems there are alternatives which can restore health. Choose a less expensive path at first, preserve health and function, and “upgrade” later if necessary or desired.
  3. Do less dental treatment at a time. Do what you can afford, recover, and begin again. Better to have one tooth saved each month or two, than to have an extractions done every month or two.

If you are fortunate to have dental insurance (and they certainly vary with yearly maximums and deductibles) and find that you are still having trouble affording the cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and restorative procedures that are necessary, all the above ideas can be used along with your dental insurance.

Do not assume that quality dental treatment is unobtainable; speak to us and work out a plan to keep you healthy and looking your best.

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