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Dentistry for Children, Young Adults Houston

Dentistry for Children And Young AdultsDr. Silverman is happy to treat children generally starting at age three. This age is appropriate because it is an age where the young person is commonly comfortable being separated from Mom or Dad. Of course should there be obvious problems that are visible prior to this age, these too can and should be treated but this may entail sedation or referral to a specialist.

There is a great emphasis on ensuring that children grow up not being afraid of visiting a dentist. The first visit usually involves a tour of the office facilities and the equipment commonly used in an interactive and non-threatening manner.

This introduction may be all that is accomplished for a young first timer on the first visit. We have found, based on a long history of treating children here in Houston that parental attitude is the key to young people not being apprehensive in the dentist office. If the parent is confident and supportive with the child, the youngster will pick up on this carry forward with confidence. But it the parent is hesitant and hovering excessively the child will feel the parent is there to protect him or her – that they are not in a safe place. Just like the parent who leaves the child off at school or daycare with approach of “I will see you later; you are going to have a great time – this approach will provide the message that the dental office is a happy place.

Building on this positive experience treatment is gradually introduced as circumstances warrant and behavior allows. The result is a young person who not only is healthy but well adjusted to a dental setting.

Parents commonly ask if dental treatment is really necessary for baby teeth, after all they say, they will be lost eventually. Actually there are four reasons why baby teeth need treatment.

  • Baby teeth are important for the growth and formation of the face.
  • These primary, or baby teeth, save space for the adult teeth to come into the proper places. If they are lost prematurely or there is significant untreated decay the adult teeth can erupt incorrectly or at times not at all.
  • Psychological reasons. All the other children have teeth that are more or less straight without unsightly disease. Why should your child be any different?
  • Health. Untreated dental disease can be painful for your child. A toothache can keep them awake all night and you will be awake all night too!

The most important things you can do for your child’s dental health is to see to it that they brush their teeth in the morning (after breakfast not before) and let them grow up unafraid of the dental office.



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