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About the Practice

We believe strongly in providing every patient with a thorough understanding of their current dental health and any recommended treatment. A comprehensive examination is completed during the first visit, which includes a medical and dental history review plus examination for periodontal disease (gum disease), tooth decay, TMJ (joint problems) and screening for oral cancer.

Typically full mouth x-rays are obtained along with photographs which serve as a “before” reference. Dr. Silberman uses this information and his recognized expertise to thoughtfully evaluate the patient’s needs. This takes time. During the second visit, which is a consultation at no charge, the doctor sits with the patient (and spouse if preferred) and discusses in a relaxed atmosphere his findings as well as the recommended treatment and any risks, benefits and all possible alternatives.

At this time, any financial arrangements with or without dental insurance can be arranged. Our goal is for our patients to make informed choices about their dental health in a relaxed atmosphere of honesty and trust.




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