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Choosing A Dentist: “Go To The Dentist? My Parents Lost All Of Their Teeth”

The days of inevitably loosing ones teeth by adulthood are over. It is true that genetics plays a role and that one can be genetically predisposed to cavities and or gum disease. This just means one has to pay more attention to ones dental health and take an active role.

Dental Decay

Let it be said that the alternatives to keeping ones teeth like dentures are inferior to ones natural dentition. It is said that the best dentures are only 15 percent as efficient as the natural teeth. Dentures are a true prosthesis- like a false leg is a prosthesis. Implants as an alternative, are truly great solutions but they are expensive and usually take a moderate amount of time to plan, heal and restore.

The steps necessary to retain ones teeth for life include:

  1. Minimum daily hygiene. Which means cleaning the teeth after using them
  2. Diet control. Not easy but certain daily habits add up to promote dental disease
  3. Periodic examinations by the dentist and hygienist. We are your coaches and personal trainers.
  4. Taking care of necessary treatment while the problems are small, less expensive and take less time.

Dental decay and periodontal disease (gum disease) proceed without pain or sensitivity up to a point. Do not wait until it hurts.

The overwhelming proportion of dental problems are preventable with consistent home based behavior. Let us help

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