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What Does A 6 Month Braces Smile Look Like?

This advancement in limited orthodontics helps you to achieve a straight, beautiful smile in a little as 6 months. Most importantly, 6 month braces are cost-effective and offer long-term oral health benefits.

Your Smile After 6 Month Braces

Six-month braces can be used to correct a wide range of orthodontic problems. Depending on why you chose to have a six-month braces treatment, you could potentially expect to see the following positive changes in your smile:


For those experiencing overcrowding, overlapping and an asymmetrical smile, six months braces can quickly and effectively align your teeth. As well, for patients with overjet(that is your upper teeth in front of you lower teeth) , you can expect to see some improvement as well. For misplaced midlines, your upper and bottom teeth will be much more parallel and aligned.

Fixed underbites, overbites and crossbites

Patients with underbites, overbites and crossbites see positive results from their 6 month braces.

For overbites, teeth should be significantly closer together when you close your mouth and you should see a decrease in the overlap of your front teeth. Lastly, for those with a crossbite, when you close your mouth, your bite should be considerably corrected with your upper teeth covering your lower teeth. Underbite can be difficult to treat in six months and this can be discussed in a consultation with Dr. Silberman.

Fewer gaps

6 Month braces can correct gaps between upper and lower teeth, making for a fuller, straighter smile. As well, 6 month braces leaves your teeth looking naturally beautiful without invasive procedures.

Cleaner, healthier teeth

Improved alignment in your teeth will make at-home and dental cleanings easier, meaning you’ll experience healthier, cleaner teeth and gums in the long-term. As well, short-term braces are a gentle option compared to other procedures that could cause damage to your teeth.

Six-month braces have been used for many years throughout North America and the United Kingdom and have produced phenomenal results for patients, radically changing their smiles and their self-confidence. Many people opt for six-month braces if they have an important event or date approaching in the near future and need a fast, reliable and permanent fix to any perceived faults with their teeth and smile.

If you are considering pursuing a six-month braces treatment and are unsure about going ahead with the decision because you don’t know what to expect with the results, keep the above information in mind and make the decision that’s right for you.

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