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Choosing A Dentist: “My Insurance Was Changed”

Dental insurance can be confusing. You will be healthier if you understand your insurance and hopefully your human resources representative can explain the details. Our office is ready to assist.

Dental Insurance

There are three types of dental insurance.

DMO. This type of insurance requires you to go only to a dentist on a certain list. This is a very weak insurance as typically the dentist receives a payment from the insurance company whether you go or not so there is an incentive for him/her not to see you as regularly as you might want or need to come. Try to avoid this type of dental insurance if you have a choice.

PPO. The insurance company has a list of dental providers that are preferred and thus a but less expensive and yet you can choose out of the network the dentist you prefer which might cost marginally more but you have a choice.

Some important things to know. Commonly your insurance has a maximum amount allocated for your treatment each year. A new amount begins the next year. If you do not use your dental insurance that yearly amount is lost forever. Usually the dental insurance will cover either for free or for a nominal amount to have your teeth checked and cleaning each year. This might be at no expense to you. Either use it or loose it.

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