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How To Decide If 6-Month Braces Are Right For You

You may have heard about a revolutionary tooth treatment that creates a better smile in a very short time. Six-month braces offer a quick and easy fix for many issues that plague our teeth.

Are 6-Month Braces Your Best Bet?

What do 6-month braces correct?

Six-month braces can be used to correct a number of orthodontic issues. For example, many people who have overbites or underbites can have these problems corrected with six-month braces. Additionally, unsightly gaps between the teeth, overjet (front teeth that jut out), teeth that are too close together (crowding), a bite where your teeth don’t touch each other (openbite), underbite, misalignment of the midline (both sets of middle teeth), and crossbite can be fixed with six-month braces.

How are they fitted?

As with any orthodontic treatment, your teeth will be examined. Photos will be taken along with X-rays so your dentist can determine the exact issues that need to be corrected. Then, you will schedule a second visit during which your six-month braces will be fitted to your teeth using special wires and white brackets.

What is the upkeep for 6-month braces?

During the six-month period that you are wearing the braces, you’ll go back to your dentist every four to five weeks for adjustments and to record the progress of the treatment. You will still need to adhere to a normal oral hygiene routine that involves twice-daily tooth brushing and your dentist will instruct you on how to care for your braces.

What are the advantages of 6-month braces?

The treatment time involved with six-month braces is approximately 75 per cent shorter than traditional braces. Another advantage of this type of treatment is that your teeth are moved gradually, eliminating constant discomfort and pain felt by traditional braces. Plus, the cost of six-month braces is considerably lower than conventional treatments and the wires used are small, tooth-coloured ones that aren’t as easily seen as with regular braces. Finally, if you have an event coming up in six months, like your wedding, six-month braces will give you a perfect smile fast.

Are there safety concerns?

No. Six-month braces use only the latest in orthodontic technology to make sure your teeth are repositioned safely in the shortest time possible (six months). The wires used for six-month braces are made of nickel titanium, a material that is not only safe but won’t affect saliva production or other aspects of your mouth.

The only downside to six-month braces is that you will have to wear a retainer for a period of time after your treatment to ensure your teeth remain in their new position. However, you can be fitted for a nighttime retainer that you only need to wear while sleeping. If you’re still on the fence about six-month braces, schedule an appointment. Contact us today and we’ll help you decide if this is the right dental treatment for you.

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