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What Does A Cosmetic Dentist Do?

We all know how important it is to have good oral health, and to practice excellent oral hygiene habits. Regular visits to the dentist are an important part of maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. Many of us are used to going to the dentist for cleanings, and to have dental procedures performed, such as a cavity filling, a root canal or a tooth extraction. What not everyone may know is that, as oral health techniques advance, more and more can be done cosmetically to improve the look of your smile, and to improve your self confidence.

Cosmetic Dentist

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth in any way, cosmetic dentistry can help make a big, positive change, not only for the look of your teeth but for your whole life! A cosmetic dentist will work with you to identify the parts of your teeth you would like to change, and discuss your goals in order to reach the best possible outcome. What is it exactly that a cosmetic dentist does? Below are three of our most popular cosmetic procedures.


Over the years, our teeth naturally yellow and become discoloured. Teeth whitening is an easy way to brighten your smile, and can make a dramatic improvement. There are many at-home whitening methods sold, such as whitening strips or toothpaste which may work to a small degree however, the best way to achieve a whiter smile is by visiting your dentist. Dr Silberman has two method to whiten one’s teeth: First, a special varnish which is placed on your teeth in the dental office. This method works rather quickly – a couple of hours to take affect. Second wet will provide you with a custom-made whitening tray to wear while you sleep or if you prefer several hours a day.. This will be a clear, thin and flexible tray that will carry a hydrogen peroxide gel that hold the whitening agent close to your teeth for maximum effectiveness


Veneers create an even more dramatic cosmetic improvement than whitening treatments. Veneers are made of a very thin layer of porcelain that cover the front of one’s teeth.. Veneers can be used to correct stains or discoloration of teeth, hide gaps and cracks, and generally create an even, straight smile. Only two visits are necessary.


Crowns are similar to veneers in that they cover an already existing tooth. Unlike veneers, which cover the just the front of the tooth, a crown covers the tooth on every side. Crowns can be used to improve the appearance of just one, or a few teeth.

Depending on your needs, there is a cosmetic dentistry option for you! From simple whitening, to a more dramatic full smile makeover, Dr. Silberman is proud to provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic options.

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