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What Colour Braces Should I Choose?

Changing the colours of your orthodontic braces is a great way to express yourself and have some fun! You won’t be changing the colour of the wires or the brackets, just the small elastic bands that go around each bracket. Your orthodontist will have lots of colours for you to choose from, and you can change the colour of your braces with each visit if you’d like. You can even choose a combination of colours.There are no rules when it comes to choosing braces colours, but here are some guidelines and ideas to help you choose colours for your orthodontic braces.

Colours For Braces

Complementary Colours

If you’d like to have two colours for your braces, it’s good to use colours that complement each other. The basic complementary colour combinations are:

  • Blue and Orange
  • Purple and Yellow
  • Red and Green

Of course you can play around with shades loosely based on the above combinations, for example, green and pink looks great, or blue and gold.

Get Festive

You can use your braces colours to dress up for the holidays. Red and green for Christmas, black and orange for Halloween, or pink and yellow for Easter!

Skin Tone

When choosing colours for your braces, it can be important to take into account your skin tone, and choose a colour that complements it!

If you are fair-skinned, the following colours will go with your skin tone:

  • Light Blue
  • Light Red or Pink
  • Dark Purple or Blue
  • Bronze

For the dark-skinned, give the following colours a try:

  • Gold
  • Dark Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Violet

What to Avoid

There are some guidelines that are good to heed when deciding which colour orthodontic braces you’d like.

  • Black elastics may make your teeth look like they have food stuck in them, or worse, look like tooth decay.
  • White elastics can stain easily, and may make your teeth appear more yellowed than they are.
  • Yellow elastics may bring out yellowed teeth.
  • Dark green or brown elastics can also look like food stuck in your teeth.

Other things to take into consideration when choosing elastic colours include the colour of your eyes or hair, or perhaps the colour of clothing you wear most often. You can also get creative, maybe choosing the colours of your favourite sports team!

Your orthodontist can also help you out when it comes to choosing colours, especially when it comes to choosing a colour that goes with the shade of your tooth enamel. The good thing is, the colours are never permanent, so feel free to experiment and have fun.

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