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How Your Teeth Move With Braces

We’re all familiar with braces, with many people getting them during adolescence, as well as many older people taking advantage of new orthodontic technology and using fast braces to correct their bite. Braces are used to correct teeth that are overcrowded or otherwise misaligned. They are also used to correct a patient’s bite, in cases of an overbite or an underbite. Not only do braces improve the appearance of your smile, they also improve the function of teeth, and make the teeth easier to keep clean.

The Power Of Braces

Comprehensive Orthodontics

There are a couple of options for braces offered by Dr. David Silberman. The first is comprehensive, or traditional, orthodontics. Comprehensive orthodontics correct the alignment of the teeth and jaw. Comprehensive orthodontics usually takes between 18 and 24 months, at the end of which the alignment of the whole mouth and bite should be completely corrected.

Short Term Braces

Another option for those who want quicker results, or more superficial changes, are short term braces. These quick acting braces take only six months, and correct the appearance and alignment of the front teeth. Short term braces are a great option for those who have only subtly misaligned teeth, and are not a replacement for comprehensive orthodontics.

How They Work

Whether you choose comprehensive orthodontics or short term braces, the same metal wires and brackets will be applied to your teeth. These are adjusted and tightened over time to guide your teeth into correct alignment.

A bracket will be placed on each tooth with a wire running through each bracket. The wire will put constant, subtle pressure on each tooth to move into a more appropriate position. When pressure is steadily applied over time bone cells are broken down and then remodeled until bone density increases. Bone remodeling results in lasting improvement.

Once your braces are removed, a permanent retainer (a wire running behind your front upper and/or lower teeth) may be installed, or a retainer may be made for you to wear at night. If you have a retainer, it’s important to wear it every night as it will prevent your teeth from falling back into misalignment.

If you are considering orthodontic improvement, discuss your needs with your dentist. Depending on the level of adjustment needed, fast braces may be a great option for you to get a great smile quicker, and most cost-effectively.

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