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How Fast Braces Work

Traditional orthodontic braces are usually worn for a couple of years. Two years is a long time, which can deter adults who want to correct the alignment of their teeth. More and more patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth are turning to short-term braces, or fast braces, for a straighter smile in just six months!

Fast Braces

Fast braces are meant to improve the appearance of the front upper and lower teeth in just six months. They are not a substitute for traditional orthodontic braces, which are necessary for correcting more comprehensive orthodontic issues. Fast braces can move the top and bottom front six to eight teeth. For correction of more severe alignment or bite issues, traditional orthodontic braces are necessary.

Typically, regular wire and metal brackets are used for fast braces. These are adjusted and tightened over time to create a better looking smile. Some patients choose ceramic white or clear brackets so the braces are less noticeable. Fast braces work more or less the same way as traditional braces, just over a shorter period of time and with more limited results.

Another approach for adults who want a straighter smile is Invisalign, which consists of clear plastic, removable, custom-made trays worn to straighten your teeth over time. Fast braces offer more precision and more noticeable results than Invisalign. In fact, orthodontists often use fast braces at the end of Invisalign treatment for the final touch.

Veneers and crowns can also create a straight smile, but they will need to be replaced every so often, which is costly. Veneers and crowns also irreversibly damage otherwise healthy tooth enamel.

Fast braces are the most affordable, effective, and natural way to get a straighter smile over a short period of time. They are not for everyone, as their functionality depends on the severity of the misalignment, and on gum health, but they are excellent for those wanting to make aesthetic changes over a short period of time.

The adjustments to your front teeth don’t need to be dramatic for the results to show. A straighter smile will increase your confidence and self-esteem. Many patients choose fast braces before a wedding or other event. When it comes to options for straightening your teeth quickly, fast braces are definitely the healthiest and most effective option. Speak to your orthodontist today to find out if you are a good candidate for fast braces!

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