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Intraoral Camera Houston

Intraoral CameraThe intraoral (inside the mouth) camera is a small hand held camera which allows the patient to see what the doctor sees. It produces a large digital image, easily seen from chair side on a computer monitor.

The benefits are many. First of all Dr. Silberman believes that a better-informed patient is a healthier patient. Many health problems can easily be visualized allowing you to understand any existing problems and discuss the alternatives and their resolution. The pictures can be saved to our computer and printed or emailed. This provides excellent communication with our dental laboratory working to produce proper shaded crowns and veneers. In addition photographs are often sent to the insurance company to justify treatment and allow the patient full use of their dental insurance.

Intraoral Mouth CameraMany patients have never seen their teeth in such detail; if you have not- you will be amazed.



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