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Cosmetic Periodontics Houston

These are illustrations of actual patients of Dr. David Silberman. Results may vary.

  • This young lady fractured two teeth from biting a hard object.
    Repaired by simple conservative cosmetic bonding. This was completed in one visit.
  • This young man was unhappy with the gap between his upper front teeth and did not want crowns or veneers to fix this problem.
    The gap was closed in one visit, without the need for local anesthetic. Conservative composite bonding was done.
  • This young lady was concerned about the space between her upper front teeth. She had had braces in the past but did not wear her orthodontic retainer as instructed.
    Simple composite bonding was used to close the space without any pain. Treatment was accomplished in one visit.
  • . This female patient was unhappy with the color of her upper teeth and the unevenness. She wanted to look younger and healthier.
    Treatment selected was conservative porcelain veneers on the upper teeth. This was accomplished in two visits only.
  • Here the patient was not happy with certain teeth that were too small. In addition there were excessive spaces and the teeth were not too straight.
    The smile was greatly improved with porcelain veneers in two visits.