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After Porcelain Veneers Procedure Houston

To a certain extent care of ceramic veneers is much like regular teeth. However the veneer is similar to a piece of glass- with proper care it will last many years and yet is still somewhat fragile.

The veneer is designed to be very smooth to your natural tooth. It can get tooth decay at its edge, therefore careful brushing, flossing and diet control (that is, don’t eat regular amounts of candy, carbohydrates, etc.) will help ensure a long life.

The veneer can crack or break. A surprising common event, which can fracture a veneer, is biting on a fork. Also, do not bite on peach pits, fishing line, rib/chicken bones or ice. Use good judgment in eating very hard items using the teeth that with veneers.

If you have been told or suspect that you grind your teeth while sleeping it will be important to have a splint or mouth guard made. This is a custom made mouth piece similar to what an athlete might wear but is much smaller, custom fabricated, and comfortable. It has many benefits including muscle relaxation, protection of the jaw joints, less strain on the bone around the teeth, protection of your veneers, any other dental work, and of course preventing excessive wear on your natural teeth. Grinding your teeth at night can be very powerful and destructive.

If you consider whitening your teeth with either the custom tray method or with strips, keep in mind that the veneers will be unaffected by the whitening process. Like glass their color will not change nor stain.



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