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After Surgery

The overall consideration after the extraction of a tooth or teeth is to remember that a blood clot is forming in the location where the tooth used to be. The clot is the first step of healing. It is important to realize that the blood clot is fragile. The following steps will help ensure that healing begins properly:

Keep the gauze pack on the extraction site for one hour. After an hour if bleeding continues, discard the old gauze pack and place a new gauze pack. Fold a clean piece of gauze into 4, wet it with water and maintain light comfortable pressure for an additional hour. This process can be repeated for several hours if necessary. However, usually one hour of pressure on the original piece of gauze is sufficient. Very slight bleeding- that is enough to color ones saliva slightly pink is nothing to worry about.

Do not rinse your mouth out- remember the blood clot is fragile. If you rinse away or disturb the blood clot you may have to start over with the gauze pack process. Do not smoke until the next day- the sucking sensation can disturb the blood clot.

Do not spit. Again this will disturb the blood clot. Do not forget that a little amount of blood and a lot of saliva looks like a lot of blood. The gauze does taste strange but the water in your mouth is your normal saliva. Do not spit out.

Keep a normal diet. Eat on the untreated side. Eat and drink whatever you want and any medication allowed. The better your diet is the better you will feel and the faster you will heal. Follow the directions of Dr. Silberman regarding medicines for pain or antibiotics. Call the office if you have any questions.



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