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After Root Canal Treatment Houston

The post operative care for a tooth that just had root canal therapy is similar to any other tooth that just had a restorative or filling procedure.

The tooth and the area around the tooth may, after the local anesthesia wears off, be totally pain free (common) or may be sore for a few hours (also common) or even for a few days (less common). It should not be alarming for some discomfort to persist for several weeks, gradually diminishing with time.

Discomfort after the procedure can be caused by the injection of local anesthesia and or by the rubber apron that may have pressed on your gums. Soreness for these reasons generally disappears quickly and one may speed recovery by taking Tylenol (Acetaminophen), Motrin or Advil (Ibuprofen). Be sure to take the last two with food and a full glass of water. If you have any questions about these medications or other pain relievers call Dr. Silberman.

After a typical root canal a temporary filling has been placed. If the bite feels “high”, this too can be a source of discomfort. The shape of the temporary filling will have to be adjusted and although the shape was checked while you were still in the office, the local anesthesia can create some inaccuracies. Call the office and we will arrange to adjust the temporary.

Finally, the root canal removed and disinfected the bacteria that were on the inside of your tooth. There can still be bacteria and inflammation on the outside of the tooth within the surrounding bone. With your normal healing abilities this should heal with time. As mentioned above some people will need an extended period of time to heal and others may require the assistance of antibiotics.

Keep us informed and call the office if you have any questions.



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