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After Bleaching Process Houston

Follow the instructions you were given in the office for the bleaching process. Consistent use of the bleaching trays and products will have the best results.

About ten percent of people who use our custom made trays to whiten their teeth do experience some sensitivity to hot and cold during the bleaching process. This sensitivity disappears once the whitening program is finished. If you experience extreme sensitivity you can use the trays every other day. For example, every other day over six days is the same as three days straight- the effects are cumulative. Alternatively you can use the trays for less time per day. For example after dinner (brush first) until bed time which might be for three hours per day. Coffee, tea and tobacco and similar colored foods can stain teeth. Keep this in mind and brush often to keep any discoloration at a minimum.

You can periodically reapply the whitening materials to maintain the desired tooth color.
If you feel the tray is not fitting properly contact our office and it will be adjusted.



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