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Have You Ever Wondered How A
Beautiful Smile
Could Enhance Your Looks?

Braces Benefits Houston

  • A more attractive smile
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Allow easier oral hygiene resulting in fewer cavities and less gum disease
  • Less fractures and better wear on teeth and dental work
  • More attractive facial features
  • Create room for growing or emerging adult teeth
  • Reduce injuries to front teeth
  • Fewer speech and swallowing problems
  • Improve the prognosis and longevity of dental treatment
  • Healthier jaw joint and facial muscles
  • Improve esthetics in a non invasive manner as opposed to crowns and veneers
  • Less expensive than crowns or veneers
  • Does not need periodic retreatment like crowns or veneers

Early treatment in children has also these benefits

  • Can often avoid extraction of permanent teeth to create room
  • Uses the growth phase of children to make braces faster


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